Dua Zahra was not Abducted, she went of her own free will: Police Claim


What Happened To Missing Girl Dua Zehra -Is She Kidnapped; Kidnapper  Demanded Ransom

Dua Zahra was not abducted, she went of her own free will: police claim

Dua Zahra, a 14-year-old boy allegedly abducted from the Malir Al-Falah area of ​​Karachi, could not be recovered even after 5 days but during the investigation, police have found important evidence.

Police claim that Dua Zahra was not abducted but went away voluntarily. Police have found important evidence from CCTV footage around the prayer house, which shows Dua voluntarily going into a Suzuki.

The footage was also shown to Dua’s father, but he said it was not a prayer.

Girl Abducted Outside Her Home from Karachi

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