Amir Liaquat also Reacted to Dania Bibi’s Allegations


Amir Liaquat also Reacted to Dania Bibi’s Allegations.

The third wife of Amir Liaquat, a member of the National Assembly and a deviant leader of PTI, has filed a suit for annulment of marriage and has also leveled serious allegations against her husband.

Now Amir Liaqat’s reaction has also come to light. Talking to Dunya News, Amir Liaqat denied the allegations of Dania Bibi. Amir Liaqat said that he would issue a detailed statement on the matter shortly.

It may be recalled that the third wife of Amir Liaquat Hussain knocked on the door of the court for a divorce.

Revelation About Aamir Liaquat Hussain's Third Wife Dania Shah's Cast, Doesn't Belong To Syed Family - Showbiz Pakistan

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