Another U-turn of the Shahbaz Government, Notification of Reduction in the price of Fertilizer Returned.


Another U-turn of the Shahbaz government, notification of reduction in the price of fertilizer returned.

The federal government has taken umbrage at its own decision to provide relief to poor farmers.
According to the report, the federal government last week announced relief to the farmers and fixed the official price of fertilizer, and decided to reduce it by Rs 389 per 50 kg sack.
The government, with immediate effect, had fixed the price of a sack of fertilizer at Rs 1,768 till July 7.

فیصل آباد: کھادوں کی قلت اور قیمتوں میں ہوشربا اضافے کی وجہ سے کسان پریشان

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