foreign citizens to leave Afghanistan soon

A Turkish soldier offers water to Turkish nationals waiting to board a Turkish Air Force plane at Kabul airport, Afghanistan, Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2021. Turkey's defense ministry says a Turkish Air Force plane has ferried some 200 Turkish citizens from Kabul to Pakistan as nations continue to evacuate their citizens after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.(Turkish Defense Ministry via AP)

US,UK and Australia urged their citizens to evacuate Afghanistan soon after after the take over of Taliban.  90,000 citizens have already fled from the country already. There is still so many people gather on the Kabul airport and waiting for the help from their government. Though Taliban has made where lenient rules allowing the citizens to evacuate. All the countries are expecting and further terriost attack. They are directing their citizens to move to a safe place in order to remain safe. Uptill now almost 8 people have died in this chaos on the Kabul airport.

We hope the safe exact of the people who are intended to leave Afghanistan.

The Taliban in Afghanistan

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