Mahnoor Shehzad apologizes for her inappropriate comment


Olympian star Mahnoor Shehzad is 24 years the top badminton player of Pakistan. Mahnoor Shehzad is a student of IBA and currently playing badminton at international level.  Recently her video was on social media in which she was giving inappropriate remarks against ‘Pathans’. People were agitated by her remark and it was condemn on social media.

Later on, Mahnoor clarifies her point that her rivalry  player being jealous of her and they accuse her father of bribing the officials. Moreover she explained that her opponent at an interviewer convey her displeasure over Mahnoor Shehzad being on the limelight.

Mahnoor added that her video was specifically for her opponent. It was meant to offend the’Pathan’ community at all. She apologized in her next video.


The Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) on  had confirmed Mahoor’s place in the Tokyo Olympics on June 1.

Mahnoor Shahzad To Represent Pakistan In Tokyo Olympics - UrduPoint

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