New Flag of Afghanistan by Taliban


Afghanistan has been taken over again by Taliban. US has flew over leaving the land soon after Taliban’s take over.

Taliban declared the formation of their new flag. The announcement was made by the Taliban spokesperson Zaibullah Mujahid.

On the other hand President Asharf Ghani has flew away from the country and he was welcomed by UAE.

The press conference was the first time that Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid appeared to the world.

“We have expelled the foreigners. This is a great moment for the whole nation,” Mujahid said. He then went on to lay out the broad policies of the new regime. One of the chief concerns would be the fate of the people who had supported, worked with or allied with the US or Nato forces or the old Afghan government. There were fears that these people would be hunted down and made to pay.

Mujahid repeated, however, that the Taliban would not seek revenge and that a general amnesty had been declared. “Everyone is forgiven,”

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