Noor Mukadam would get justice: Imran Khan


There are lot of speculation after Noor Mukadam’s brutal murder. People were apprehending that Zahir Jaffir would be set free because he has a dual nationality. Imran Khan was taking calls from the nation on Sunday.

Imran Khan assured the nation that the murderer won’t be set free no matter how much influential he is, he added that he is closely monitoring the case. He knows all the details of the case.

Islamabad police have been to Lahore along with Zahir Jafir for the forensic test .Zahir will be asked questions related to whole incident  Zahir will also be made to go through the polygraphic test at the forensic laboratory .

All we hoped that Noor Mukadam gets the justice.

Noor Mukadam's killer will not be able to walk-away: Imran Khan

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