Pakistan and US needs to work together for peace in Afghanistan


Afghanistan soil has always been used against Pakistan. The planning of bomb blasts is always planned on Afghan soil.

Dr Moeed Yousuf the National Security Advisor addressed a conference on Saturday in Washington DC. He exa[lained that TTP based in Afghanistan was a threat to the country and they also cause disturbance for the US. Both countries can work together to get rid of all the security issues.

Dr Moeed also elaborated on the reason for his visit. He added that it’s important that Pakistan and the US work together in Afghanistan which will include multiple domain climate, health, and COVID19.

DR Moeed also ended by conveying that Pakistan is not in any capacity to bear Afghan refugees.

He cleared his point that without peace in Afghanistan it’s impossible for Pakistan to provide its port to Central Asian countries.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan appoints Moeed Yusuf as NSA | World News - Hindustan  Times

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