Pakistan still on red list of UK


Pakistan is still on the red list whereas other countries India has been moved out of the ban list. There is a latest on going debate going on that UK government is lobbying against Pakistan. UK government is not allowing Pakistani citizens to directly travel UK after the 4th wave of COVID19 hit the world.  The Asian countries have been affected more with the delta-variant due to which the European countries have banned the travel.

The British government has claimed that Pakistani government has not provide any data related to vaccination and testing to the authorities. Whereas Pakistani authorities have argues that they weren’t not being by British government to provide any date. NCOC is clearly mentioning the current data on their official twitter and YouTube. Several British Pakistani have protested against this  biased act of the UK government.

Asad Umar explained in the tweet that he has spoken with UK MPs and hoping to provide them the correct data will hope that the decision they future take will be based on science rather than politics.

COVID-19: UK adds Pakistan, Bangladesh along with two others to its travel 'red  list'


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