Pfizer Morderna’s vaccines are easily available in Pakistan


University of Health Sciences Vice Chancellor Doctor Javed Akram added that according to their clinical trail third dose of Chinese vaccination Morderna has shown promise result against the Delta virus being spread in the entire country Pakistan. The UHS VC Javed Akram also mentioned that people are not getting vaccinated and they are not taking it seriously. Only 30 million Pakistani are vaccinated whereas the goal is to get 160 million people vaccinated by the end of this year which seems impossible. Regarding the vaccination of pregnant ladies they can get themselves vaccinated in 2nd and third trimester. Both Pfizer and Morderna vaccinations are now easily available in the country.

Country is facing a major issue of 4th wave of COVID19, positivity rate in the major cities are getting higher everyday. The institutions are closed once again.

Pakistan receives 2.5 million Moderna doses from U.S. | Reuters

We hope and pray the situation gets better.

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