Polio eradication should be done: Imran Khan


There is no case of Polio been reported in the country from past 6 months. There held a virtual meeting headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan, it was attended by Dr.Faisal Sultan and Dr Shahbaz Gill. The other official briefed that 0nly 14%  polio sample were recorded from the environment which was 56% last year.

Prime Minister of Pakistan directed the deputy commissioners to immunize the children of that area and eliminate the virus. Imran Khan also added that all the required source should be used in order to eliminate the virus.

Dr Shahzad Baig added that 179,000 polio workers will be part of the campaign. The worker will follow all the COVID SOPs. It is mandatory to get your children vaccinated under 5 years. Parents should cooperated with the workers.

Milestone' in polio eradication achieved - BBC News

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