Prime Minister Imran Khan latest statement about rape


People from all over the country is condemning the brutal act of Zahir Jaffer and protesting against the femicide in different part of the world. Celebrities have come forward and convey their displeasure over the hideous act of the men.

Right after the incident Imran Khan has apear on PBSO news hour.. Upon asking different questions related to sexual crime. Prime Minister of Pakistan strictly condemns the shameful act. Imran Khan replied saying that a person who commits rape is fully responsible for the crime. No matter what a woman is wearing still we will blame the rapist nor the victim This clearly means that his previous statements were being twisted.

Thousand of people appreciated his point of view on this serious issue, people also shared his clip on various social media platforms which includes ; Facebook and Twitter.

Imran Khan again blames women's clothing for rapes in Pakistan - World News

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