Shahbazgul’s physical remand murder of justice? Strong reaction


Shahbazgul’s physical remand murder of justice? Strong reaction.

Judge Zeba Chaudhry of the District and Sessions Court of Islamabad, while giving a decision on the review appeal of Shahbaz Gul’s physical remand, ordered Shahbaz Gul to be handed over to the police for another 48 hours.
Social media users and journalists reacted strongly to this court decision, calling it a murder of justice and saying that this decision is tantamount to giving the police a license
to use more violence.
Journalist Mubasherzadi wrote that instead of investigating the allegations of torture on Shahbaz Gul, the judge has created a new chapter of injustice by handing it over to the Islamabad Police again.
Anchor Imran Riaz said that they are increasing Imran Khan’s popularity and public sympathy with their stupidity. I said, don’t take this panga, you will be in trouble.
Raheeq Abbasi said that the massacre of justice. Social justice with justice. Shahbaz Gul was again handed over to the police. Now more violence will be done. Martial law has been implemented in Pakistan. Fundamental rights of citizens have been suspended. Courts are not independent in their decisions. Someone else is making these decisions somewhere else.
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