Shortage of blood donation due to Pandemic


It has been noticed that due to the ongoing pandemic people are not donating blood. The Red Crescent Society has appealed from the citizens that the due to shortage of donation its very difficult for patients who are in real need. Abrar-ul-Haq  is the chairman of Pakistan Red Crescent Society has revealed that as per the monthly report , the blood donation has been lesser than expected. As people have fear for contracting with COVID19 virus. He also added that educational and industrial sector is the main source of blood donation Due to their closure the blood donation has naturally be lessened.

Abra-ul-Haq also added that many people lost their lives due to COVID19 but there are people who are suffering from anemia, leukemia and thalassemia. The COVID19 virus won’t be transmitted through blood donation whereas it’s a respiratory virus.

Blood donation is indeed a noble cause and we should all come forward to help each other in the hour of need

Why hospitals fear a critical blood shortage as the US reopens — Quartz

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