The Dua Zahra case has become a drop scene.


The Dua Zahra case has become a drop scene.

Dua Zahra, who went from Karachi to Lahore and got married, admitted that her relationship with her husband is not good.
My relationship with my husband was not good, I separated from my husband and spent the night at my relative’s house. Dua Zahra’s statement in the court.

I have no roof to stay in. I am getting threats of dire consequences from parents and others so I want to go to Darul Aman for security. Later, Judicial Magistrate Rizwan Haider in District Kachhari of Lahore sent Dua Zahra to Darul Aman. On the other hand, in the Dua Zahra case, the court ordered the police authorities to change the investigating officer.

Sindh, Punjab police are harassing us: Dua Zehra claims in video message

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