The main character of the tax evasion of billions of rupees has come to the fore.


The main character of the tax evasion of billions of rupees has come to the fore.

Directorate of Internal Audit Federal Board of Revenue Karachi identified the suspicious transaction of 4 bank accounts and traced the mastermind of tax fraud of 5 billion rupees through bank accounts. Deputy Director IA Federal Board Revenue Karachi Asif Abro told the media that the mastermind Shehzad Elahi had established 4 to 5 fake companies in the name of Karachi Tamna Industry in the style of Panama Leaks, which have been identified by the Directorate of Internal Audit Karachi.

He said that during the preliminary investigation, it was pointed out that the said tax fraud benefited the owner of a well-known battery manufacturing company, bank accounts of fake companies were opened in the name of a disabled laborer, Nawab Zaman, who belongs to Mansehra is from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. According to FBR officials, Nawab Zaman’s National Identity Card was allegedly obtained on the pretense of employment and then benami bank accounts were opened. Asif Abro said that the wife of Nawab Zaman, Benazir, receives Rs 2,000 per month from the Income Support Program, while one of his sons works in a tea hotel in Peshawar for Rs 5,000 per month.

Deputy Director FBR further said that the directorate had already registered a case against Tamanna Industries on 14th June 2022 for suspicious bank transactions and now after identifying the mastermind, the scope of investigation has been widened and it is likely that more of the said company will be involved. Benami transactions and tax irregularities will come to light.
FBR extends date for filing tax returns to Oct 15


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