What is Monkey Pox and where did it come from? Is it Deadly?


What is Monkey Pax and where did it come from? Is it deadly?

The new virus is not spreading as fast as Corona’s, yet medical experts warn that if it is not stopped in time, the world could face another epidemic.

منکی پاکس وائرس کیا ہے اور کیسے پھیلتا ہے؟

What is Monkey Pax?
Monkeypox is a virus that is mainly transmitted from animals to humans. Monkey Pox belongs to the Poxviridae family of viruses, which are further subdivided into 2 subfamilies. There are 22 species and a total of 83 species of the virus in this family.

Where did it come from?
The starting point of the Monkey Pass is said to be Africa. There are two types of monkeypox in the world, one in West Africa and the other in the countries around the Congo Basin in Central Africa. Two monkeys kept in a laboratory in Denmark contracted the disease in 1958, years before the case of Monkey Pax was discovered in humans.

If not monkeys, then which animal is responsible for spreading this virus?
Scientists have not been able to determine which animal is the source of the Monkey Pax virus, but African mice have been blamed for the spread.

Is there a Monkey Pax vaccine or an effective medicine?
According to the WHO, the smallpox vaccine is usually effective against monkeypox. In addition, a vaccine (MVA-BN) helps prevent monkeypox.

How is the infected person diagnosed with the monkeypox virus?
According to the World Health Organization, the most effective way to test if a person has the monkeypox virus is a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. For this purpose, the embryo-filled material in the body of the infected person is used as a sample.

What are the symptoms of an infected person?
According to the World Health Organization, the symptoms of monkeypox are similar to those of smallpox but less severe than smallpox.

How can this be avoided?
* Take precautions in case of contact with any wild animal, use masks and gloves and take special care of cleanliness.
* If someone in your circle of friends suffers from Minky paws, try not to associate with them. If this is not possible, use masks and gloves and wash your hands and face thoroughly after the meeting.
* It is important for a person infected with Monkey Pax to isolate themselves until all the symptoms of the disease disappear. Thoroughly clean the items used by the patient and dispose of unnecessary items.
* If there are symptoms of itching and fever in the body after traveling to a country, consult a doctor immediately.
* When traveling to countries where monkeypox is found, stay away from sick animals and do not use wild animal meat.

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