Wonderful Love Story Ready On Bilawal’s Wonderful lyrics”


بلاول کی زبان پھسلی کیوں؟ کانپیں ٹانگ رہی ہیں پر ظہیر عباس کا گانا تیار

Singer Zaheer Abbas Video Caption,

The popularity of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s word “Kanpi Tang Rahi Hai” has slipped from memes and comments to songs.

The song composed for Zaheer Abbas on ‘Kanpi Tang Rahi Hai’ Includes a clip of Bilawal’s original speech and pictures of politicians. This song was not written in support of any party so they should not be hated. Singer Zaheer Abbas Video Caption. “Imran Khan’s and Bilawal’s wonderful love story ready on Bilawal’s wonderful lyrics”

اسلام آباد کی'کانپیں ٹانگ' رہی ہیں، بلاول کی زبان پھسل گئی

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